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World Wide Web Guidelines

The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine World Wide Web Guidelines are intended to ensure that all College Web efforts are clearly identifiable with the College, professional in nature, and in compliance with pertinent laws, regulations and policies of the College and of UGA. This policy is not intended to be unnecessarily restrictive or to impose artificial constraints upon Web development activities within the College.

All official College of Veterinary Medicine Web pages developed by or in association with any CVM department, unit, program, project, activity, etc., and containing information attributable to the college or any of its departments, units, programs, projects, activities, etc., must adhere to the College’s mission and guidelines.

All official Vet Med pages are subject to the following:

Minimum Guidelines

Web pages must meet minimum guidelines by including the following items on all official CVM pages:

  • The UGA logo and CVM type treatment in accordance with the university identity policy and the college identity policy, respectively.
  • Explicit link to the UGA home page [].
  • Explicit link to the CVM home page [].
  • Preferred header information:
    • College logo and name
    • Common-use links such as “(CVM) Home,” “Contact Us,” “Directory,” “Departments,” “Hospital,” “About Us,” and “Directions”
    • Use of the standard CVM header is encouraged. The file is located at: and may be coded as an include in PHP pages. Please contact the Web manager for more information on how to do this.
  • Footer information:
    • Contact information plus feedback mechanism to assist the user in contacting the individual or group responsible for the material.
    • UGA and CVM links.
    • Link to the CVM Accessibility policy [].
    • Use of the standard CVM footer is encouraged. The file is located at: and may be coded as an include in PHP pages. Please contact the Web manager for more information on how to do this.
  • Date last updated:
    The most recent revision date should be incorporated in the custom footer, or centered at the bottom of the page. Use the "insert date" function within Dreamweaver to update this automatically as each file is opened, edited and saved (check the "update automatically on save" in the dialog box). This should be in the format of:
    <p class="date">This page was last reviewed on March 14, 2011.</p>
    <p class="date">This page was last reviewed on March 14, 2011.</p>
    Please use this same format consistently to write the date. Do not abbreviate the month, and do not use numerals only with dashes or slashes between.
  • Directions & Maps:
    All units should include either:
    1. A link to the college directions page.
    2. Or an include on your own departmental site to use the directions file that is updated on a regular basis (this way your site will also be updated when updates are made to this file).
      The code for including these directions on pages using the main template is:
      <div id="content">
      include ""; 

      On pages using the secondary template, the code to use is:

      <div id="secondarycell2">
      include ""; 

  • Academic departments must include:

Site Planning

Initial plans for any site construction or redesign should include members of the Identity Standards Policy Committee, as shared resources may eventually be needed. This is to ensure that all key information is communicated up front with college groups and external parties.

To convey site plans to the Web team, please complete the Web Project Request Form ( and return it either via e-mail or print and submit the form to the Public Relations Office (main building, room 240).

Additional Policies

Administrative Council members may develop additional Web policies for their individual departments or units. Such policy may not supercede this official World Wide Web Publishing Policy.

Independent Web Contractors

Independent Web designers and developers are expected to produce websites that adhere to the College’s Web Publishing Policy and appropriately use the college templates. Contact the College Web Manager for further details or assistance.


If Web pages that are out of compliance with this policy are identified, the College Web Team will contact the site owner, notify him or her of the concern, offer assistance in rectifying the problem, and provide them with a timeline towards expected compliance. Site owners and maintainers are expected to regulate their own pages. Should Web pages continue to remain out of compliance despite notification, links to those pages will be removed from the College website.

UGA Site Disclaimer Policy

All University of Georgia websites are required to affix the disclaimer statement below on each web page included in certain websites. This requirement extends to all pages that in any way, explicit or implicit, imply affiliation with the University of Georgia.

This requirement is effective for any and all pages that are physically housed on University-owned computers and networking equipment or on third-party equipment. It does not apply to pages which clearly by their function express official information on behalf of the University of Georgia, including:

  • Any academic school or college
  • Any academic department
  • Any administrative unit (e.g., Student Affairs and all affiliated units, such as University Housing, Student Activities, Minority Services and Programs, etc.)

Sites and pages to which this requirement applies include, but are not limited to:

  • All student personal pages
  • All faculty personal pages
    NOTE: Faculty pages used exclusively for posting syllabi and other course-directive information, curriculum vitae, and strictly academic information for the purpose of instruction (not opinion) are considered to be “official information” pages and are not required to carry the disclaimer.
  • All staff personal pages
  • Any page within exempt sites whose purpose is not to advance the mission of UGA or the University System of Georgia Board of Regents
  • Any student organization site
  • Any faculty or staff site dedicated to social or policy advocacy issues

Required Disclaimer Statement

The content and opinions expressed on this Web page do not necessarily reflect the views of nor are they endorsed by the University of Georgia or the University System of Georgia.

Reminder about official logo usage

Logos may not be cropped or distorted in any manner, including making the logo disproportionately wider or taller, or cutting off part of the logo such as one side, the top or bottom. Logos may be cropped to remove the words at the bottom of the logo, but the words, "The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine" should appear somewhere else in proximity to the logo. The font to be used with the logo is Georgia.

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This page was last updated on March 14, 2011