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Flexible endoscopes

Flexible endoscopes are most useful for respiratory endoscopy in snakes or gastro-intestinal endoscopy in many species. The main disadvantage of the flexible, fiber-optic endoscope is the poorer image quality compared to rigid scopes of a similar diameter. A 100cm, 2.5mm flexible broncho-fibrescope with 1.2mm instrument channel (60003VB; Karl Storz) is useful. There is also a 1.0mm semi-rigid endoscope available that is particularly useful for very fine work (11503; Karl Storz).

The 2.5mm x 100cm fiberscope.    The 2.5mm x 100cm fiberscope.
The 2.5mm x 100cm fiberscope particularly useful for upper respiratory and gastrointestinal endoscopy in larger exotic species, esp. snakes (courtesy of Karl Storz).

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