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Feedback from Training Course Attendees

"What did you like about the course?"

I liked the speakers vast knowledge and experience. Lots of practical tips during both the lectures and lab.

The facility, lectures, and lab were great.

Both lectures and labs covered the most common joints that I have interest in and wanted to learn about. It was very clear that the instructors have great understanding and experience with arthroscopy.

The lecture room and surgery lab were all comfortable and well equipped.

Provided practical, pertinent information. Stressed key facts and provided practical landmarks for arthroscopy.

All faculty were very approachable and provided practical information from their clinical experiences.

The beautiful campus, the food was very tasty, and even the vegetarians could have a good meal.

The "hands-on" lab: liked the small groups with plenty of supervision/help from instructors.

Liked the depth of knowledge, ability to get their point across, the openness and approachability of the instructors.

Other comments:

"I wanted to let you know that we have really expanded our rigid endoscopy in our practice since the July course with [Dr. Rawlings] and Dr. Radlinsky.

"We are doing both laprascopic spay and ovariectomy, have done urolith retrieval, hepatic and intestinal biopsy and today an exploratory on an older dog with a splenic mass. Thanks for your excellent guidance.

"I think our whole staff feels proud to be doing better medicine."

Great descriptions of landmarks and history with the benefit of the experience of Dr. Payne. Nice to have the pearls and tips.

I learned a lot! Can really tell you guys walk the talk. Gave us confidence. Techs were attentive and did a great job.

The lectures were concise and practical. The speakers (Radlinsky and Rawlings) were clear and entertaining. Also, I was not too intimidated to ask questions.

Both (Radlinsky and Rawlings) very animated speakers great presentations. Great job at covering core concepts. Pictures were great.

Dr. Tams was fantastic speaker and instructor. Dr. Sum was excellent.

"Although I have been doing laparoscopic procedures for a while, the advanced training that I received at your course was exceptional."

Dr. Rawlings is an excellent teacher and it is obvious he likes what he is doing. The lectures were very practical and easy to understand.

The lectures were very relevant to the use of this in private practice. Very detailed and thorough. Excellent slides.

Impressive role models for people who are into veterinary medicine/surgery. Material useful. Notes well done. Am more motivated than when I came!

"What did you like?"

I really thought that the speakers kept your attention and the material was very informative. I liked how they engaged the audience during the lecture.

Enthusiastic speakers. Good preparation. Good slides. Good timing. Good size of groups. Excellent reps and technical preparation.

Instructors were enthusiastic! Also friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Material well covered. Lots of hand on experience. Lots of practical, well earned information from years of experience. Often presented more than one way of doing procedures.

Casual, informal, and easy to ask questions. Thorough - with good experimental tips.

Presentation was great - great images.

Knowledgeable - to the point. Useful and practical.

Good real world application/tips/techniques.

Other comments:

Although I have been doing laparoscopic procedures for a while, the advanced training that I received at your course was exceptional. Your instruction, as well as that of your colleagues, was extremely beneficial to furthering my knowledge and skills in this growing area of surgery. Providing some of the advanced equipment for us to use was also very helpful, as were the techs who helped with the anesthesia.

I have recently attended two labs for laparoscopy. One put on by Clarence Rawlings and one at a national meeting. My personal opinion is that I will not be attending any more wet labs unless they are at UGA (can you believe I'm an Auburn Tiger?!).

"Thank you again for the fantastic instruction this past weekend. You and Dr. Radlinsky were very helpful to me and I learned so much.

I wanted to let you know that I did a laparoscopic ovarian remnant resection today. It was a 6.5 pound, 1.5-year-old cat that started with signs of heat last evening. By the way - thank you for the class photo!

Thanks again - am planning to be down for the flexible endoscopy course in August so I can actually learn how to get my gastroscope past the pylorus for once.

I liked everything the examples, the 'pearls,' articles included. The speakers were both outstanding in their presentation and style. I will definitely sign up for additional endoscopy seminars after I have had some practice.


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