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Who can do Endoscopic Surgery?

If I am a veterinarian, how can I learn to perform endoscopic surgery?

Veterinarians performing endoscopy

The best way to develop endoscopic surgery skills is to train in a surgery residency at an institution with a strong endoscopic surgery emphasis. Endoscopic surgery is emphasized in many residencies in the training areas of small animal surgery, zoologic medicine, exotic animal medicine and large animal surgery. Some speciality board disciplines require endoscopic training in order to achieve certification as a specialist. Unfortunately, there are at least five times as many veterinarians seeking surgical residencies as there are residency program openings each year.

Many veterinarians are already accomplished surgeons and would like to diversify into endoscopy. In order to improve patient care, it is important that more veterinarians develop endoscopic surgery skills than the small number who can train in a residency with an endoscopic emphasis.

Veterinarians can gain experience by attending continuing education courses, especially those with "hands-on" opportunities. We strongly encourage that the veterinarian include the technician most likely to participate in endoscopy.

After attending basic courses, some veterinarians and veterinary practices find that having an experienced endoscopist join their practices for a couple of days of in-hospital endoscopic surgery training. These programs should utilize the hospital's equipment, staff, and clients in an effort to develop their own endoscopy program. Most of the training time is focused on cases, but lectures and other training can be done.

Endoscopy courses are taught regularly at the University of Georgia and Colorado State University in collaboration with Storz Veterinary Endoscopy. Click on the training navigation link at left to learn about courses at UGA.

To learn about programs at Colorado State University, call 800.457.9715 or e-mail Other courses sponsored by Karl Storz Veterinary Endoscopy are taught at major meetings. A partial listing of these courses can be found at


This page was last updated March 31, 2008.

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