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Why I Give: Amanda Perry

Posted by: Erica Hensley

Amanda Perry (DVM ’97) practices veterinary medicine today because of scholarships she was awarded two decades ago. She gives back to the College of Veterinary Medicine because receiving student aid from the same college enabled her to become the vet she is today. 

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Why we give

Posted by: Staff

John E. Hayes (DVM ’63) attended a pre-veterinary program at the University of Maryland prior to entering veterinary school at the University of Georgia. “Dr. John,” as he is affectionately known, is well known in his home state for providing creatures, both great and small, with compassionate veterinary care, regardless of an owner’s ability to pay for his services. He has lent his time and expertise to animals in need—in addition to lending his time to other causes—throughout his career in daily practice and his 10 very active years as a “retiree.”

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Scott and Dey Mathews

Posted by: Scott and Dey Mathews

Philanthropy has always been very important to both of us. We have supported a variety of worthwhile causes, including the nonprofit boards Scott has served on and the schools we, and our sons, have attended. Consistent with that approach, after James was accepted to the CVM, we discussed with Molly Thomas, the College’s associate director of development, various ways in which we could support the program. We believe that the best support parents can give their children is to contribute to the growth of educational opportunities and excellence in their children’s field of study. 

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Why I Give - Randy Harris

Posted by: Randy Harris

It's a small gesture but I donate to UGA each time a beloved pet dies. It means volumes to the owner and it helps the school in the process.

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Why I Give - Natalie Eggenberger

Posted by: Natalie Eggenberger

My favourite horse of all times suffers from DSLD/ESPA - the cause to find an easier way to diagnose the disease and ultimately identify the genetic marker is very important to me - I owe it to my horse Dominguero NS to support you, my Dom has been suffering through a flare up the last few day's, therefore I felt the need to donate a second time.

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