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5 1/2-year-old Thoroughbred
Owned by Ashley Adler
Roswell, GA

In December 2016, Olivia stepped on a horseshoe nail. The nail punctured her deep digital flexor tendon and hit her coffin bone, resulting in a small bone infection. The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital performed intravenous regional limb perfusions, utilized therapeutic shoeing techniques, and provided exceptional patient care that allowed the mare's infection to resolve without surgical intervention. 

A couple years prior, in November 2014, Olivia survived a horrific barn fire that claimed the lives of 15 horses, two donkeys, and a dog. She sustained a puncture wound and a small fracture to her knee. After being treated for her knee injury, Olivia came down with colitis, resulting in severe dehydration. She was rushed to the Hospital, where she stayed for two weeks. Her recovery took several months, but resulted in Olivia being back to her normal self!

As you can see, Olivia is no stranger to the UGA VTH. In 2012, she was also revived by the doctors there after being born a dummy foal and lived her first three weeks of life in the Hospital’s intensive care unit.