Luna fleur4

2-year-old Mixed-breed Dog
Owned by Caitlin Shetter and James Mitchell
Atlanta, Ga.

Luna Fleur is our little miracle girl who got a second chance at life thanks to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. At 10 months old, Luna was rescued from a parking lot where she had been roaming for months. She was infested with fleas and tapeworms. We instantly fell in love with her and knew she was meant to be ours.

The night we brought her home, we noticed she was having difficulty breathing and appeared lethargic. X-rays at a local veterinarian’s office confirmed the worst. Luna had a diaphragmatic hernia through which almost all of her intestines, gall bladder and half of her liver had moved from her abdomen into her chest cavity.

A friend recommended the UGA VTH. We took her to their emergency service and were told the soft tissue surgery team could do the very delicate operation. Luna had surgery the next day to repair the hernia and relocate her organs to their proper locations. When the surgery was over, the doctor came out to tell us that Luna was out of surgery and that our little fighter was awake and barking!

These compassionate, kind and brilliant veterinarians are special individuals. At the UGA VTH, and in the care of these doctors, Luna was not another animal—she was someone's baby! They loved her when we couldn't and went far beyond what their jobs required. We were blown away. At her post-surgery check-up, Luna went straight to both her doctor and student with kisses. Post-surgery, Luna is the happiest girl. She is playing like a puppy, adores her entire family and is ready for her second chance at life. Thank you to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital for saving our little Luna Fleur's life. You are truly miracle workers!