Mr. Mox

10-year-old DSH Tabby
Owned by John Trentham
Bonaire, GA

We noticed that for a few days Mr. Mox, as we call him, wasn't eating very well. He felt very warm, so we decided to take him to our veterinarian. Our local vet gave him antibiotics, fluids, and sent him home with food we could feed with a syringe.

After a few days of antibiotics and hand feedings, Mr. Mox wasn't getting any better. We took him back to the doctor and found out that his infection had worsened and that fluid was filling up his lungs. Our veterinarian wasn't equipped to handle such a situation, so we were referred to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

When my wife arrived at the Hospital, the clinicians and staff were incredibly warm to her and explained everything about the infection: what they would need to do to find where it was coming from, how they were going to drain the lungs, and what the next few days would look like. They even brought Mr. Mox out from the back, just so my wife could hug him one more time. According to the doctor on duty, he had a 50% chance of survival. It broke our hearts to leave him there, but we trusted that he was in the best possible hands.

After about three days, things started turning around. We got a call saying that the fluid was continuing to drain and that Mr. Mox was starting to eat again on his own. We were so happy!

After about another week in the Hospital, he was finally ready to come home. We are so thankful to the doctors and veterinary technicians. We couldn't have asked for a better team to take care of Mr. Mox.