Patient Success Story: Pennie Davis

Posted by: Gary Davis
Pennie davis 4h Pennie davis 4

15-year-old Shih Tzu
Owned by Gary and Linda Davis
Gray Court, SC

Pennie has been my PTSD baby and has kept me on the straight and narrow after serving in the U.S. Army during Vietnam and Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

She originally came to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital in October 2015 after being referred by my veterinarian, Dr. Verdin, who is also a UGA Vet Med alumnus. Her first visit was to the ophthalmology department for evaluation of bilateral cataracts and worsening vision. Later that month, she had cataract surgery.

In November, Pennie was diagnosed with lymphoma and began chemotherapy treatment immediately. Soon after her diagnosis, an infection was then found in her right eye leading to the removal of that eye.

During another visit in December, she was admitted to the Hospital because of an eating problem and after staying for a few days, was able to return home. At home, she finally got her appetite back through lots of love, plenty of chicken, and multiple prayers.

From that point on, Pennie received her regular chemo treatments through April 2016. She was doing great until she began losing vision in her other eye. In March 2017, after losing functional vision and suffering from increased intraocular pressure, she was admitted to the Hospital for an eye procedure that would help relieve the high pressures and improve her comfort. Since the surgery, she has been able to adapt well. 

She is a remarkable young lady of 15 years who doesn’t let anything keep her down, even through all these obstacles in her wonderful life. If she were a human in combat, she would receive metals for her heroism.

I am very thankful to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital for their amazing care of Pennie. They have done great things, and I feel like they are now a part of my family!