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Veterinary Pathology

Pathology Service Labs

Diagnostic Services 

The Department of Pathology provides biopsy and necropsy diagnostic services to the clinical departments within the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine and necropsy service to clients within the state of Georgia.  We also provide diagnostic mail in necropsy service for veterinarians and veterinary clinics outside the state of Georgia.

Out-of-State Mail-in Services

The University of Georgia Department of Pathology’s Mail-in Services are available to all veterinarians outside of the State of Georgia.

          Biopsy Form [pdf]    

          Ophthalmic Form [pdf]

In State Services

For veterinarians working within the state of Georgia in need of diagnostic pathology services (biopsy, mail-in necropsies), please contact the Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories at the University of Georgia (Athens/Tifton).

Comparative Pathology Laboratory

The Comparative Pathology Laboratory at the University of Georgia is a full-service laboratory providing services in the area of laboratory animal pathology and research pathology.

More Information About the Comparative Pathology Laboratory


Clinical Pathology Laboratory

The Clinical Pathology Laboratory at The University of Georgia offers a wide variety of clinical testing for The University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Athens Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, and both in-house and contract researchers.

The Clinical Pathology Laboratory provides timely, comprehensive, and accurate laboratory testing in the areas of hematology, clinical chemistry, endocrinology, urinalysis, coagulation and cytology.

More Information About the Clinical Pathology Laboratory

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Electron Microscopy is a service made available through the Department of Pathology and provides select diagnostic services to the veterinary and medical professions. Contact may be made with our experienced pathologists when electron microscopy is necessary for additional diagnostic results.

Electron microscopy and related services are currently available through the Georgia Electron Microscopy Facility, , located on campus at 115 D.W. Brooks Drive, Barrow Hall in Rooms 151 - 164. For more information, please contact Pathology’s EM Lab Coordinator, Mary Ard .

More Information About the Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Histology Laboratory

We are a full service histology laboratory at the University of Georgia serving the Athens Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine.  We also serve various diagnosticians and biomedical investigators/researchers from many different fields, both within and outside of the university.

More information about the Histology Laboratory

Clinical Immunodiagnostic Laboratory

The Veterinary Clinical Immunodiagnostic Laboratory at the University of Georgia is now offering an comprehensive flow cytometry panel to aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of lymphoma and leukemia in dogs. We will be offering flow cytometry for cats and PCR for antigen receptor rearrangement for cats and dogs in the near future. 

More information about the CIL



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