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Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center

Master Of Avian Medicine

PDRC offers an 18-month, non-thesis Master of Avian Medicine (MAM) graduate degree. The program is designed for veterinarians seeking a career in clinical avian medicine in the poultry industry. Course work in microbiology, pathology, and poultry science is combined with practical field and laboratory experiences in clinical avian medicine. At least 54 semester credit hours of course work and the satisfactory completion of a final oral examination are required.

MAM graduates hold the majority of the poultry veterinary positions in the United States. Many also work internationally. Employment opportunities exist with poultry companies, poultry genetics companies, diagnostic laboratories, universities, state and federal agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and biologic companies. Jobs may involve live poultry production, disease diagnostics, technical service to poultry companies, research and development, food safety, academia, or regulatory affairs.

Application Process

An official application for a Master of Avian Medicine degree from the UGA Graduate School must be completed.

Competitive applicants will have:

  • Minimum veterinary school grade point average of 3.0
  • GRE combined verbal and quantitative score of 297 or 1000 if taken prior to August 1, 2011

Application Checklist

  • Online application and application processing fee
  • Unofficial transcripts from each institution attended. (If UGA, no need to submit.)  Official transcripts are required if offered admission
  • At least three (3) letters of reference submitted online
  • Request official GRE entrance test scores be sent directly to Graduate Admissions, institutional code 5813
  • International applicants must also submit TOEFL or IELTS scores

Additional Requirements

  • Demonstrated interest or experience in poultry medicine
  • A DVM, or equivalent degree
  • A biographical sketch describing your experiences, interest in poultry medicine, and your reasons for applying to the Master of Avian Medicine program
  • Résumé or curriculum vita
  • Interview - Schedule a time for your admissions interview with the graduate coordinator

All admission requirements of the Graduate School of The University of Georgia and The Department of Population Health must be met.  Application packages must be completed prior to November 30th to be considered for matriculation the following June.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available from the department for accepted MAM students. Stipends are provided for two to three MAM students per year.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply to the program?
A completed application consists of a biographical sketch, official college transcripts, GRE scores and 3 letters of recommendation. All materials must be submitted through the online application process at the Graduate School’s website. Foreign applicants are required to submit additional documentation. See the Graduate School’s website for a list of supplemental information for your country.

Q: What should I include in my biographical sketch?
We are most interested in your veterinary background and professional plans. You should describe your experiences and background in poultry diseases or production. You should also describe your interest in poultry medicine and explain why you are applying to this program.

Q: What kind of recommendations should I get?
Your references (at least three) should fill out the recommendation form required by the Graduate School. The references – not you – should upload these directly to the Graduate Schools application website. You should get letters from professors who have taught you and know you well. Their letters should describe your academic work in detail so that the Graduate Committee can be assured that you can complete a rigorous graduate program. If you have done poultry or food animal internships or worked with a food animal or poultry veterinarian, the committee will expect a letter from the professor who supervised that work. Letters from work supervisors should be sent to the graduate coordinator and also document your work ethic. 

Q: Is there a deadline for applying?
Completed applications are due on November 30.

Q: Are there minimum requirements for the GPA or GRE?
We actively seek students with strong GPA (minimum 3.0) and GRE (minimum verbal + quantitative of 297 or 1000 if taken prior to August 1, 2011); however, interest and experience in poultry production is also very important.

Q: How is financial aid awarded?
Financial aid is available from the department for two to three MAM students per year.

Q:What is the difference between the programs for Master of Avian Medicine and Master of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences?
Admission to the Master of Avian Medicine program requires a DVM degree as this program is focused on clinical aspects of avian medicine. The Master of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences is a research-based training program that is available to students with a BS or BA degree; a DVM is not required.

Q: What is holding up my application? Why have I not heard back yet?
The graduate coordinator or his/her assistant will periodically email the applicant with an update on the status of the application. If you have not been contacted, email the department.  Accepted applicants will be notified by February 1.

For Additional Information

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The University of Georgia
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Phone: 706.542.1076
Fax: 706.542.5630

For Applications

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