Department of Population Health, Food Animal Health and Management, Production Medicine Service, Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Associate Professor, Director of Food Animal Health & Management

Farm Practice


Research Interests

The goal of Dr. Credille’s research program is to better understand the epidemiology, mechanisms, and impact of antimicrobial resistance in Mannhaemia haemolytica, the most common bacterial organism isolated from the lungs of beef cattle with bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Additionally, his research program is evaluating the differences in immune responses to viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens in beef calves at high and low risk of developing BRD. Long term, he hopes to use the information he obtains from his studies to develop antimicrobial use and vaccination strategies that improve the health and welfare of beef cattle throughout North America and improve the sustainability and profitability of beef cattle producers in Georgia.

Current projects include:

  1. Is Metaphylaxis the Primary Contributor to Multi-Drug Antimicrobial Resistance in Bovine Bacterial Respiratory Pathogens (Supported by the Georgia Commodity Commission for Beef)
  2. Disposition of Ampicillin Trihydrate in Plasma and Pulmonary Epithelial Lining Fluid of Holstein Calves Prior to and After Experimental Infection with Mannheimia haemolytica (Supported by the American Veterinary Foundation/Veterinary Pharmacology Research Foundation)
  3. Plasma and tissue disposition of ceftazidime after the administration of multiple intravenous doses to healthy neonatal foals (Supported by the University of Georgia Love of the Horse Fund)
  4. Georgia Rural Veterinary Experience:  A Program to Enhance Student Exposure and Interest in Rural Veterinary Practice (Supported by the Georgia Commodity Commission for Beef)

Educational Background

  • Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia
  • Internship in Livestock Medicine and Surgery, Colorado State University
  • Residency in Large Animal Internal Medicine, University of Georgia
  • PhD, Physiology/Pharmacology, University of Georgia

Teaching Experience

LAMS/SAMS 5150 – Physical Diagnosis
LAMS 5290 – Veterinary Obstetrics
LAMS 5314 – Large Animal Neurology
LAMS 5333 – Respiratory Diseases
LAMS 5350 – Large Animal Digestive Diseases
LAMS 5385 – Bovine Surgery
LAMS 5395 – Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, and Advanced Reproductive Technologies
POPH 5200 – Management for Food Animal Health and Production
POPH 5312 – Ruminant Internal Medicine – Digestive Diseases
POPH 5445 – Food Animal Practice
POPH 5446 – Beef Production Medicine
POPH 5447 – Dairy Production Medicine
POPH 5900 – Studies in Population Health
POPH 6120 – Food Animal Clinical Rounds
POPH 6160 – Special Problems in Food Animal Medicine
POPH 6230 – Problems in Epidemiology and Statistics
POPH 6700 – Clinical Food Animal Medicine
POPH 6800 – Poultry Pharmacology and Toxicology
POPH 8900 – Problems in Population Health
VBDI 5120L – Laboratory on the Comparative Anatomy of the Horse and Food Animals
VETM 5155 – Professional Skills
VPAT 4100 – Common Diseases of Production Animals
VPAT 8160 – Advanced Clinical Biochemistry
VPHY 5200 – Principles of Pharmacology

Selected Publications

  • CD Marino, CA Ryan, L Berghaus, BC Credille, VR Fajt, and C-P Lo (2021) Plasma Disposition of Ceftazidime in Healthy Neonatal Foals Following Intravenous and Intramuscular Administration.  J Vet Pharm Therapeutics
  • †ER Snyder, B Savitske, BC Credille* (2020) Concordance Among Disk Diffusion, Broth Microdilution, and Whole-Genome Sequencing for Determination of In Vitro Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Mannheimia haemolytica.  J Vet Int Med
  • †ML Adkins, E Rollin, BD Heins, RD Berghaus, BC Credille* (2020) Evaluation of Serum Metabolic Parameters as Predictors of Bovine Respiratory Disease Events in High-Risk Beef Stocker Calves.  Bov Practitioner
  • B.C. Credille* (2020) Antimicrobial Resistance in Mannheimia haemolytica: Prevalence and Impact.  Animal Health Research Reviews
  • †E.R. Snyder, B.C. Credille* (2020) Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida in Bovine Respiratory Disease:  How Are They Changing In Response to Our Efforts to Control Them?  Vet Clin North America:  Food Animal Practice
  • †E.R. Snyder, B.C. Credille, and B.D. Heins (2019) Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Comparing Arrival Versus Delayed Vaccination of High-Risk Beef Cattle With 5-way Modified-Live Viral Vaccines Against BHV-1, BRSV, PI3, and BVD types 1 and 2.  Bov Practitioner
  • †E.R. Snyder, S. Alvarez-Narvaez, and B.C. Credille* (2019) Genetic Characterization of Susceptible and Multi-Drug Resistant Mannheimia haemolytica Isolated from High-Risk Stocker Calves Prior to and After Antimicrobial Metaphylaxis.  Vet Microbiology
  • †Buhler V, †Cash K, Hurley, D, Credille BC* (2019) Characterization and comparison of cell mediated immune responses following ex vivo stimulation with viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens in stressed and unstressed beef calves.  J Ani Science
  • †Crosby S, Credille BC*, Berghaus RD, and Giguere S (2018) Comparative Efficacy of Enrofloxacin to That of Tulathromycin for the Control of Bovine Respiratory Disease and Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance in Mannheimia haemolytica in Calves at High-Risk of Developing Bovine Respiratory Disease.  J Ani Science 96(4):  1259-1267
  • Snyder ER and Credille BC (2017) Diagnosis and Treatment of Clinical Rumen Acidosis. Vet Clin North America: Food Animal Practice
  • Whelchel DD, Tennent-Brown BS, Coleman AE, Rapoport GS, Blas-Machado U, Maisenbacher HW, Credille BC, and Giguère S (2017) Treatment of Supraventricular Tachycardia in a Horse. J Vet Emerg Crit Care
  • Snyder ER, Credille BC, Berghaus RD, and Giguere S (2017) Prevalence of Multi-Drug Antimicrobial Resistance in Mannheimia haemolytica Isolated from High-Risk Stocker Cattle Prior to and Following Metaphylaxis. J Ani Science 95(3), 1124-1131
  • Doyle DD, Woolums AR, Credille BC, Berghaus RD, Lehenbauer T, Aly S, Champagne J, Blanchard P, Crossley B, Berghaus, LJ, and Cochran S (2017) The agreement among four sampling methods used to identify viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens in dairy calves with acute bovine respiratory disease (BRD). J Vet Internal Med
  • Jane S. Woodrow, J.M. Caldwell, S. Cox, M.G.T Hines, and B.C. Credille (2016) Comparative Plasma Pharmacokinetics of Ceftiofur Sodium and Ceftifour Crystalline Free Acid in Neonatal Calves. J Vet Pharm Therapeutics 39(3), 271-276
  • Credille BC, Woolums AR, Overton, MW, Hurley DJ, and Giguère S (2015) Expression of Inflammation-Associated Genes in Circulating Leukocytes and Activity of Indoleamine-2,3-Dioxygenase in Dairy Cattle with Acute Puerperal Metritis and Bacteremia. Res Vet Science 101, 6-10
  • Credille BC and Giguère S (2015) Acute Puerperal Metritis: Antimicrobial Therapy and the Relationship Between Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics and Therapeutic Success. Bov Practitioner 49(1), 18-24
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