Department of Population Health, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center
Associate Professor, Interim Director of PDRC

Research Interests

My research interests lie in understanding the outcome of vaccination against respiratory diseases in poultry, using the avian coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus as a model. The development of proper immunity after vaccination can be affected by multiple factors ranging from proper application in the hatchery to air quality in the poultry house. Often times multiple components are working together to influence vaccine efficacy and bird performance, including interactions between the vaccines themselves. My research goal is to investigate all areas where current vaccination programs can be altered to make the process more efficient and effective, and ultimately reduce the incidence of respiratory disease in commercial poultry.

Educational Background

BS (2005), Biological Science, The University of Georgia

PhD (2012), Poultry Science, The University of Georgia


Poultry World Exhibit Improvement Committee, 2014
College of Agriculture and Environmental Science Strategic Planning Committee, 2011 – 2012
President, College of Agriculture and Environmental Science Graduate Student Association, 2010 – 2011
President, Poultry Science Graduate Student Organization, 2009-2010
Four Year Letter Winner, Long Snapper, The University of Georgia football team, 2002-2005

Selected Publications

Yu P, Lu Y, Jordan BJ, Liu Y, Yang JY, Mumaw JL, Beckstead RB, Stice SL, West FD. Non-Viral Minicircle Generation of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Compatible with Production of Chimeric Chickens. Cell Reprogram. In Press, 2014

Jordan BJ, Hilt DA, Poulson R, Stallknecht DE, Jackwood MW. Identification of Avian Coronavirus in Wild Aquatic Birds of North America. J Wildl Dis. In Press, 2014

Roh HJ, Jordan BJ, Hilt DA, Jackwood MW. Detection of infectious bronchitis virus using real time quantitative RT-PCR and correlation with virus detection in embryonated eggs. Avian Dis. (Preprint ahead of publication), 2014

Lu Y, West FD, Jordan BJ, Jordan ET, West RC, Yu P, He Y, Barrios MA, Zhu Z, Petitte JN, Beckstead RB, Stice SL. Induced pluripotency in chicken embryonic fibroblasts results in a germ cell fate. Stem Cells Dev. (Epub ahead of print), 2014

Jordan BJ, Vogel S, Stark MR, Beckstead RB. Expression of green fluorescent protein in the chicken using in vivo transfection of the piggyBac transposon. J Biotechnol. 173:86-9, 2014

Collins KE, Jordan BJ, McLendon BL, Navara KJ, Beckstead RB, Wilson JL. No evidence of temperature dependent sex determination or sex-biased embryo mortality in the chicken. Poult Sci. 92(12):3096-102, 2013

Lu Y, West FD, Jordan BJ, Mumaw JL, Jordan ET, Gallegos-Cardenas A, Beckstead RB, Stice SL. Avian-induced pluripotent stem cells derived using human reprogramming factors. Stem Cells Dev. 21(3):394-403, 2012

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