Department of Infectious Diseases
Ezenwa Lab, Graduate Student

Kate Sabey received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Juniata College in 2016. There, her undergraduate research focused on elucidating the roles of gut microbiota in human gastrointestinal disease, such as diverticulitis. After graduation, she participated in an internship at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park before returning to Juniata College where she served as an adjunct laboratory instructor, research associate, and helped to develop undergraduate metagenomics curricula. In 2017, Kate joined Dr. Vanessa Ezenwa’s lab in the Infectious Diseases department as part of the University of Georgia DVM-PhD combined degree program.

Research Interests

  • Understanding how gut microbiota shape and are shaped by animal nutrition, behavior, and physiology
  • Infectious disease ecology in African wildlife

Selected Publications


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