Liliana Salvador

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  • Infectious Diseases


I received my PhD in biology from Lisbon University, which was part of the PhD program in computational biology at Gulbenkian Institute of Science. During my PhD at Princeton University as a visiting student, I worked on the ecology and evolution of animal movement focusing on search strategies of microorganisms. During my postdocs, first at the university of Glasgow and later at the university of Edinburgh, I focused on the quantitative epidemiology and evolutionary dynamics of bovine tuberculosis. Prior to my PhD, I earned a BSc and a MSc in computer science from University of Oporto focusing on the absolute security of cryptosystems using information theory and Kolmogorov complexity.

Research Interests

  • determining the impacts of movement patterns on the spatio-temporal disease dynamics
  • understanding the underlying evolutionary processes of bovine tuberculosis epidemics
  • developing computational tools to deal with large epidemiological, demographic, and movement datasets

Educational Background

  • BSc Computer Science, 2003, University of Oporto, Portugal
  • MSc Computer Science, 2005, University of Oporto, Portugal
  • PhD Biology, 2012, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Selected Publications

Service Affiliations

Dr. Salvador is also a faculty member with the Institute of Bioinformatics.