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Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study

Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases in the Southeastern United States, 3rd Edition


  • William R. Davidson

Other contributing authors:

  • John R. Fischer
  • Victor F. Nettles
  • Susan E. Little
  • Charlotte F. Quist
  • J. Mitchell Lockhart
  • Kirk E. Smith
  • M. Page Luttrell
  • David E. Stallknecht
  • Daniel G. Mead
  • Michael J. Yabsley

The Field Manual of Wildlife Disease in the Southeastern United States has been a highly-prized source of information for its primary audience of field biologists and others within wildlife resources agencies. Many people, including wildlife health professionals, students, veterinarians, sportsmen, farmers, and ranchers, also turn to this well-designed, highly informative and easy-to-use manual for practical information about diseases of wildlife. The intent of the manual is to aid in the recognition of common wildlife diseases and parasites, to provide guidelines for the collection of diagnostic specimens, and to serve as a field reference when questions on wildlife diseases arise.

The experiences obtained in SCWDS's 40-plus years as the most successful wildlife health partnership program ever developed are clearly evident in the manner of presentation and content of this handbook. Because the book is organized by wildlife species, readers of the Field Manual are instantly directed to the subject of their concern. Or, when the disease or condition is known, it can be quickly located in the index.

Knowledge of the questions most frequently asked by field biologists and others about wildlife diseases has guided the type of information provided in the Field Manual. As a result, this publication is highly practical and user friendly. The illustrations, page size, paper quality, and flexible cover result in a manual that is easily carried for ready reference in a field kit, backpack, camera bag, or glove compartment of a vehicle. The value of the field manual goes beyond field use as it also serves as a ready desktop reference to respond to media and other inquiries where basic information is needed quickly. There are 129 color plates and 14 drawings included to illustrate important identifying characteristics of many diseases or parasites.

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Table of Contents

Section Page
Field Investigations 3
Toxicosis 13
White-tailed deer 26
Elk 100
Wild Swine 105
Black Bear 135
Raccoon 142
Striped Skunk 165
Red Fox 170
Gray Fox 179
Coyote 183
Bobcat 192
Opossum 202
Mink 211
River Otter 217
Muskrat 218
Beaver 221
Cottontail Rabbit 224
Gray Squirrel 236
Woodchuck 247
Armadillo 250
Wild Turkey 253
Ruffed Grouse 275
Bobwhite Quail 280
Mourning Dove 287
Waterfowl 293
Nongame and Miscellaneous Birds 316
Issues in Wild Species Outside the Southeast 346
Foreign Animal Diseases 381
Practices that Alter Disease Risks for Wildlife 389
Diseases with Human Health Implications 405
Glossary 429
Index 437

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