International Veterinary Student Association

About IVSA

Our mission is to enhance cultural awareness of international veterinary medicine by facilitating overseas exchanges and promoting understanding of international issues within the College of Veterinary Medicine.

The goals of IVSA are to:

  • increase awareness of international veterinary medicine through education
  • serve as a conduit of information on international opportunities
  • and provide a scholarship fund for those seeking an exchange

To meet these goals, IVSA:

  • encourages journal and newspaper article writing by its members on international issues and exchanges
  • maintains a list of exchange opportunities
  • maintains a budget and fundraising program
  • and works with and supports the International Veterinary Students' Association

Meetings & Events

We hold occasional informational meetings focusing on international issues and research.

International Travel Database

For international veterinary experiences you can get invovled with, visit the UGA IVSA Database.