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About Pathheads

The Student Chapter of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) at the University of Georgia is more commonly referred as the PathHeads. As of April 2015, the chapter has 150 members, including our chapter officers. The chapter is co-advised by Dr. Kaori Sakamoto and Dr. Bridget Garner.

With the help of our faculty advisor and the pathology service department, our members are offered the opportunity to attend necropsy and slide rounds throughout the year. We also coordinate a number of necropsy wet labs, such as porcine, avian, and lab animal necropsy wet labs. We also host a clinical pathology trivia night and potluck. Our members are also notified of pathology seminars and internship/ externship opportunities and encouraged to get involved with the pathology department outside of the classroom.

The pathology club participates in fundraisers to finance meetings and other activities. Past fund-raisers have included candy sales at freshman orientation, Halloween baked goods, and histology-themed Valentine cards. We regularly have booths at local events with information about the club and upcoming events to encourage students to investigate pathology as a career choice.

Pathheads are also encouraged to participate in the annual meetings of the ACVP. For the 2014 ACVP annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, the University of Georgia was able to send 12 Pathheads members, with three presenting posters.

We are also sending students to present at the SEVPAC in Tifton this year.