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Veterinary Biosciences and Diagnostic Imaging

Residency Programs

Courses in Diagnostic Imaging are offered in the Veterinary curriculum, as well as post-DVM Radiology Resident training. Radiation Therapy facilities are present to treat cancer patients. The Radiology section is an important division of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, providing imaging services for large animal, small animal, and exotic species. Imaging methods include: radiology (x-rays), ultrasound, fluoroscopy, computed tomography (CT), nuclear scintigraphy, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Residency in Radiology

The University of Georgia Radiology Residency Program is a 3-year American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) accredited residency program that provides training and experience to qualify the individual to take the certification examination of the ACVR. A detailed description of the program is available on the ACVR web page.

Training is supervised by 3 full-time faculty members. The program includes board objective rounds, known case conference, student teaching and daily participation in radiology service to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Formal course work (supervised by ACVR diplomates) includes: 1) Physics of diagnostic radiology 2) Special procedures 3) Nuclear medicine (includes the Nuclear Medicine short course) 4) Radiation biology, radiation oncology and radiation protection 5) Ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging & CT 6) Pathophysiology and anatomy. Mock examinations follow each objectives section.

The resident is expected to complete a research project or clinical study under the guidance of a faculty member during the residency program. The results of this work will be presented at an annual ACVR meeting, as well as submitted in manuscript form to a refereed journal. Continuation in the program from year-to-year is contingent on satisfactory performance.

UGA radiology consists of 3 small animal radiograph suites and 1 large animal suite supported with digital radiography (Cannon DR), an additional small animal radiograph suite with flat-panel fluoroscopy, a dedicated interventional radiology suite with an OEC 9800 c-arm, 2 small animal ultrasonography suites (Toshiba Xario, GE S8), a large animal ultrasonography suite, 3.0 Tesla MR unit, 64-slice helical CT, and nuclear scintigraphy. MRI, CT, and IR are accessible to small and large animals. Radiology services also support a linear accelerator (Trilogy) and I-131 treatment facility. All diagnostic imaging studies are performed and interpreted under the supervision of ACVR diplomates, who support and guide the resident assigned to each respective modality. UGA residents are exposed to all imaging modalities throughout the 3-year program (weekly rotating schedule).

This is a non-degree graduate program leading to an official University of Georgia certificate of residency. A Georgia Veterinary Practice License is required and can be obtained through the institutional employment licensing agreement after arrival. Professional liability coverage and a life insurance plan are provided. Fifteen vacation days and 12 holidays are permitted each year.

Board Certified Radiologists

Our program has produced numerous board-certified radiologists.

These include:

  • Dr. Steve Kneller, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Micheal Walker, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. John Losonsky, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Robert Badertscher, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Daniel Feeney, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Mary Mahaffey, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Robert Toal, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. James Douglass, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Kristina Schwenson, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Kent Wallace, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Lisa Neuwirth, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Elizabeth Watson, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Susan Newell, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Sarah West, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Paul Frank, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Julie Ekedahl, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Halise Diamond, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Wendy Gwin, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. LeeAnn Pack, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Jessica Basseches, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Tasha Axam, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Mason Holland, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Cody Laas, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Matthew Nelson, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Donna Almondia, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Eli Cohen, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Dainna Stelmach, Diplomate ACVR
  • Dr. Lelivelt Shaikh, Diplomate ACVR

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