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Veterinary Biosciences and Diagnostic Imaging

Imaging Technologies

Diagnostic Radiology

  • Siemens Polydoros SX80 x-ray machine — 1000 mA, 150 kVp. This machine is equipped with digital and spot film fluoroscopy and digital recording system.
  • Transworld x-ray machine — 600 mA, 125 kVp, and floating table top.
  • Sedecal x-ray machine — 500 mA, 125 kVp, and floating table top.
  • CPI Indigo 100 x-ray machine — Large Animal x-ray machine, 1000 mA, 150 kVp Equipped with motorized telescoping tube stand mounted on a ceiling crane to allow tube to extend to the floor and with telescoping grid support with electronic alignment to tube.
  • Kramex capacitor discharge x-ray machine — 50mA, 110 kVp. Mobile for large animal cases.
  • Min x-ray machine — HF80, 80 kVp, 10 mA. Portable for ambulatory cases, has lighted collimator. Also used for foot studies.
  • Digital Radiography — 5 Eklin digital radiography units (Mark II x 2, Mark V x 2, Mark VI).

Diagnostic Ultrasound

  • Toshiba Xario
    • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
    • 3D/4D imaging
    • Ultrasound contrast imaging
  • Philips CX50 portable, dual-platform unit
  • Phillips HDI 5000 with SonoCT

Computed Tomography

  • GE Highspeed NX/i Pro dual-slice helical CT — Multiplanar reconstructions (MPR) and maximum intensity projections (MIP).

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • GE 16-channel fixed-site Sigma HDx 3.0 Tesla MRI magnet with fMRI, MRS, MRA, DWI and DTI capabilities (at the UGA Bio-Imaging Research Center).
  • Siemens 1.5 Tesla Symphony MRI with TIM:
    • 18 channel
    • iPAT parallel imaging
    • Large animal accessible
    • 24/7 availability
  • Varian 7.0T small bore (21cm) MRI — Clinical imaging of exotic pets and research purposes.

Interventional Radiology

  • OEC 9800 C-arm for cardiac catheterization and interventional radiology procedures.

Nuclear Medicine

  • Gamma camera system — IS 2 Digital 55, HRGP gamma camera. Mirage Nuclear Medicine Processing Computer System. Dedicated computer workstation. Free-float lift system (QR Systems).
  • Mirage nuclear medicine software.

Radiation Therapy

  • Teletherapy — Siemens 6 MeV linear accelerator with multileaf collimator and electron beam capabilities.
  • Eclipse™ treatment planning system allows 3D conformal and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).
  • Plesiotherapy — Strontium-90 applicator for superficial tumors.
  • Systemic Therapy — Iodine-131 for treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats.

Ancillary Equipment and Software

  • Angiomat 6000 — automatic power injector.
  • Fuji AC2 — computed radiography (CR) unit with Fuji HI-C654 workstation for image manipulation.
  • Agfa Laser printer
  • Kodak RP X-Omat automatic processor
  • Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) — Fusion PACS from Merge.
  • eFilm DICOM viewer

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