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What's Missing From Your Patient's History?

Animal Abuse is Domestic Violence

For many battered women, pets are sources of comfort providing strong emotional support: 98% of Americans consider pets to be companions or members of the family. 

[American Veterinary Medical Association (2003): U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook. Schaumburg, IL: AVMA.]

Get the Facts

Domestic violence targets the whole family. Abusers often use animal abuse as a means to further terrorize and emotionally harm their human victims. Victims of domestic violence often sacrifice their own safety to protect their pets.

References: Ascione, Weber & Wood, 1997 Society & Animals, unless otherwise noted.

  • 71 to 85% of women entering shelters reported that their partner had threatened, injured, or killed the family pet.
  • More than 25% of victims report that concern for their pets had affected their decisions about staying or leaving. — McIntosh, 2001 The Latham Letter.
  • 50% of children surveyed had protected pets, in some cases by directly intervening to keep their pets from being harmed.
  • 74% of women owned pets in the last 12 months before entering a shelter. 68% owned more than one pet. — Ascione, 1998 Journal of Emotional Abuse.
  • 31.7% reported emergency veterinary care for their pets, 71% reported their pets received vaccinations.

Know Your Professional Obligation

"The AVMA recognizes that veterinarians may observe cases of animal abuse or neglect as defined by federal or state laws or local ordinances.

"When these situations cannot be resolved through education, the AVMA considers it the responsibility of the veterinarian to report such cases to appropriate authorities."

Know the laws related to animal abuse in Georgia

Animal cruelty can be a felony charge if a person knowingly and maliciously causes death or physical harm to an animal by rendering a part of the animal’s body useless or by seriously disfiguring the animal.

Call your municipal or county police department or county sheriff’s department, and the animal control office.

Veterinarians and veterinary technicians in the state of Georgia have civil lawsuit immunity for good faith reporting of animal cruelty.

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Vets for Pets and People is a grant-supported program of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Our primary mission is to educate veterinarians, veterinary paraprofessionals and the general public about the link between domestic violence and animal abuse.

Working with Project Safe, an Athens area domestic violence shelter, and a network of volunteers, we also provide temporary foster care to pets whose owners have sought shelter from domestic violence.

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