Test Catalog

Can’t find a test? Please call Athens at 706-542-5568 or Tifton at 229-386-3340 and we’ll find it for you.

The tests and fee schedules are provided for use by veterinarians. If you are an animal owner and wish to submit specimens, please contact your local veterinarian. Fees charged by veterinarians typically reflect the time, expertise, and expense necessary to collect the sample, ship it in an appropriate manner, interpret results and provide treatment advice. Fees charged to animal owners by veterinarians will always exceed the Diagnostic Laboratory test prices shown in these catalogs.

Currently, an administrative fee of $3/accession is applied to all accessions, except for BSE, Coggins, brucellosis, and pseudorabies serology. One accession is defined as one submission (regardless of number of samples) from the same owner submitted on one day on the same submission form.

Statement on Ownership of Diagnostic Specimens

Submission of specimens for testing by the University of Georgia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories in Athens and Tifton using any of our submission forms constitutes a contract for delivery of test results and associated interpretations to the submitter. The submitted specimens, as well as products, isolates, and data derived from them become the property of the University of Georgia. Submitted specimens may be returned to clients if prior arrangements are made with the lab. In the special case of carcasses submitted for necropsy, remains will only be released to registered pet cremation services.

Prices were updated on July 1, 2018

For information on how to collect or handle samples for testing, please visit this page (click here!).