Diversity and Inclusion at the CVM

A strong, vibrant community

Diversity matters. Differences of experience, culture, and lifestyle help to create a community where new ideas flourish and everyone feels safe, respected, and included. The CVM is committed to a welcoming, inclusive environment for all students, faculty, and staff. After all, we are strongest when we reflect the diversity in our larger communities.

To lead our diversity initiatives, in 2020, we formed the CVM Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion led by an Interim Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Prior to that, in 2017, the Council for Inclusion, Diversity, and Awareness (CIDA) was convened. This College-wide council of faculty, staff, and students is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment for all, as well as develops, monitors and evaluates the progress of the College’s strategic plan for diversity. CIDA’s responsibilities include coordination of activities that support and strengthen our College’s climate of inclusiveness and advising faculty, staff and students regarding issues of diversity. CIDA also serves as the UGA representative to the Diversity Equity and Inclusion working group of the Southeast Veterinary Education Consortium (SEVEC). 

Message from the Assistant Dean

Greetings from the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion!

Academic year 2021-2022 was a busy year for the college and the University. I want to highlight some of the programming implemented to promote an inclusive and welcoming College community:

  • Partnership with the Office of Institutional Diversity to provide class for the Certificate of Diversity and Inclusion. The Pathways Program trained over 70 faculty and staff with courses needed for the Certificate of Diversity. There were five course sessions offered: the required course (offered twice) and three elective courses. The College had 27 faculty and staff complete the certificate, a tremendous number considering very few had completed the diversity certificate prior to the Pathways Program.
  • “Thru the Lens” hosted several faculty providing an opportunity for our College Community the opportunity to learn about cultures from other parts of the world. We had Dr. Nuha Ashtiwi, Drs. Sheba and Mohan Kumar, Dr. Roberto Palomares and Dr. Jo Smith and Lynn Reece discuss their experiences growing up and their road to UGA CVM. The program is continuing and we encourage your attendance to meet our wonderful colleagues. Please be on the lookout for informational flyers on future speakers.
  • “VOICE” hosted the second series of Anti-Racism 201 which focused on Asian Americans. Speakers discussed how pandemics have been racialized, movie night feature “Minari” with discussion and Korean snacks, and a panel of Asian American students and faculty discussing their experiences in Veterinary Medicine. VOICE won a national award for this series programming. This year VOICE will continue the Anti-Racism course, focusing on the LatinX/Hispanic communities in collaboration with the new LatinX Veterinary Medical Association Student Club.

The College has completed the draft CVM Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion that will be reviewed by the UGA Diversity and Inclusion Committee for implementation. A diverse committee of over 30 faculty, staff and students (post-doctoral, professional and graduate) from across the College developed the draft. This plan is organized after the UGA plan for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence and will serve our college well in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion for our programs and underserved and underrepresented communities in Georgia.

Congratulations to Dr. Paige Carmichael, the inaugural winner of the Dawn D. Bennett Alexander Inclusive Community Award. The award is presented to a faculty member who has made a considerable contribution towards promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within and beyond the classroom at UGA.

As our CVM community grows, the environment and climate of the College will reflect our diversity and provide a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Thank you for making our community welcoming to all – with a diverse and inclusive environment and climate comes enrichment!!

DEI Student Representatives

Each of the cohorts in our DVM program has a diversity, equity, and inclusion student representative. DEI student representatives serve as a point of contact for their classmates to express their concerns and/or provide input on the current state of DEI at the College.

Meghan Lewis | DVM Class of 2023
Camille Dent | DVM Class of 2024
Hannah Huff | DVM Class of 2025
photo arch
| DVM Class of 2026














Affinity Groups

Affinity group membership includes representatives from across the College of Veterinary Medicine, inclusive of class representatives along with students, faculty and staff who are interested in supporting DEI efforts at the CVM.

  • Student Association of Veterinary Medical Professionals (SAVMA)
  • Veterinarians as One Inclusive Community of Empowerment (VOICE)
  • Pride Veterinary Medical Community (Broad Spectrum)
  • National Association of Black Veterinarians (SNABV)
  • Association of Asian Veterinary Medical Professionals (AAVMP)
  • Latinx Veterinary Medical Association (Latinx VMA)

Non-Discrimination Statement

The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine encourages its members to view, evaluate, and treat all persons in any professional activity or circumstance in which they may be involved, solely as individuals on the basis of their own personal abilities, qualifications, and other relevant characteristics.

The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine confronts and rejects all forms of prejudice and discrimination that have led to misunderstanding, hostility, and injustice. These include, but are not limited to, those based on race, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, parental status, religious beliefs, military or veteran status, political beliefs, geographic, socioeconomic, and educational background and any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.

Report hate and bias

The College of Veterinary Medicine is a community where diversity is valued and incidents of hate and bias are not tolerated. Students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors who feel that they have been the victim of a bias related incident (or who have witnessed a bias-related incident) are encouraged to report it online through this form or to contact the Equal Opportunity Office (EOO) for the University of Georgia at (706) 542-7912.