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The UGA College of Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to training future veterinarians, conducting research related to animal and human diseases, and providing veterinary services for animals and their owners.

Our Fight Against the Flu

The flu shot is an annual ritual for fighting a deadly disease. But six out of 10 Americans never get it. Some don't like needles; most just don't get around to it.

What if we didn't need the shot every year? What if a single vaccine would protect us from all forms of flu — for the rest of our lives?

News Highlights

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Pathology faculty member awarded UGA’s Fulfilling the Dream award

Paige Carmichael, professor of veterinary pathology, was one of three awarded the President's Fulfilling the Dream award at the 2019 Freedom Breakfast.

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Two CVM faculty named AAAS fellows

Drs. Karen Burg, Pejman Rohani, and Xiaorong Lin among six UGA professors named AAAS Fellows

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Warming oceans lead to more fur seal deaths from hookworm infection

Odum School of Ecology postdoctoral associate -- and former CVM student -- Mauricio Seguel and a team of researchers recently completed a study that shows that warming ocean temperatures impacts fur seal deaths from hookworm infection.

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