Nacho and Lumpkin on the front porch with a statue of Uga

Paying It Forward Through Pet Memorials: Nacho’s Story

There are no words to describe how a beloved pet can impact one’s life.

Nacho laying wrapped in blanketsNacho came into Amy Antenen’s life when she was almost 25 years old. After recently graduating college and starting her career, Amy purchased him as a puppy when he was just eight weeks old and only weighed ½ lb! Though Amy grew up with animals and her family owned several dogs through the years, Nacho was truly the first animal she was solely responsible for – to feed, care for, and pay for.

Through the years, Nacho was Amy’s constant companion and a beloved family member to all. He was even a special guest in her wedding to her husband, Wes. Though Nacho only weighed three pounds full grown, his personality and unconditional love were enormous. Most days, you could find him snuggling with his younger brother, Lumpkin (a 60 lb English Bulldog), basking in the sunshine, or curled up on someone’s lap.

Nacho dressed in a tuxedoIn 2017, sadly, Nacho passed away after a long fight against adult-onset kidney disease, just a few months shy of turning 18 years old. Shortly after Nacho’s passing, Amy and Wes received a letter from the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine noting that Nacho’s veterinarian, Dr. Lauren Adams, had made a monetary donation in memory of and in honor of his life. The Antenens were so touched to receive this generous and thoughtful gift and to learn that the funds donated would be used to support the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. They were thrilled to find out this gifting program is accessible for anyone to participate in, not just veterinarians.

Since then, over the years, the Antenens have continued to contribute to the UGA Pet Memorial Program when a friend’s or family member’s pet has passed. Amy shares, “Hopefully knowing one’s pet was fondly remembered will bring a glimmer of cheer in a time of sadness, as it did for us. Wes and I are proud to support this wonderful program and look forward to doing so for many years to come.”

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