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Poppy O’Shaughnessy/Lofquist – Success Story

Poppy is a 7 year old, female labrador retriever mix who was a neurology patient at the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital (UGA VTH). According to her family, Poppy has always been an energetic, loving soul who loves to play her favorite game “Rocky,” which consists of chasing river […]

Photo of "Roo" (dog)

Mushroom “Roo” Carnes – Success Story

Owned by Kayla and Michael Carnes When Mushroom (Roo) the German Shepherd was only two months old, she was diagnosed with a very loud heart murmur, so severe the murmur could be felt from outside of the chest. She had just been adopted by her new family when she was […]

Photo of Howie Hansen (dog)

Howie Hansen – Success Story

Eisenhower “Howie” was barely 8 months old when the first signs appeared that something was wrong. In June of 2022, the young lab-mix ballooned rapidly due to ascites, a condition where fluid accumulates in the abdomen and causes swelling. He was struggling to walk and was very lethargic. For a […]

Photo of horse

La Peciosa Ball – Success Story

La Preciosa is Spanish for “precious”, a word which perfectly describes this young filly. La Preciosa’s family first noticed Preciosa was not feeling well in early July when she was only about 3 weeks old. They immediately scheduled an appointment with their primary vet, who put Preciosa on a round […]

Obie Joseph (cat) photo

Obie Joseph – Success Story

Meet Obie! This 13-year-old domestic short hair visited the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital back in July when his primary veterinarian referred him to our Oncology team for a suspected cancerous mass. Unfortunately, suspicions were confirmed when Obie was diagnosed with a sarcoma on his hind leg. Such tumors have a […]

Mollie Baugus – Success Story

Less than a year ago, Mollie Bauguss was just a happy, thriving pit bull, living her best life with the Bauguss family. That is, before her and her family received the devastating news. Mollie had cancer. Mollie’s first symptoms were a few unassuming lumps on her neck, which owner Haley […]

Otis at the Teaching Hospital

Otis Howell

Meet Otis, the 3-year-old basset hound. In March of 2022, Otis’s owner, Cori, had a gut feeling something was wrong when Otis began acting different. “I could tell something was off – just a really big gut feeling. He was just not acting himself,” Cori said. Otis’s demeanor had changed, […]

A champion gets a second chance

From the moment he was born, Major was destined for greatness. Born at the home of his trainers, Dave and Lee Walker, Major comes from a line of champions. Dave and Lee are bird dog trainers and handlers who specialize in German shorthaired pointers. Major’s parents, Shooter and Sister, are […]


Zeige was our first pregnant goat and our first experience with foot rot. So she wouldn’t risk losing her kids, we wanted to get her healed up quickly. After an unsuccessful treatment at a local vet, her foot had gotten so bad (and on a weekend, of course!) that we […]


I had saved for years while searching for “the horse.” When I sat on Justin for the first time, I knew immediately that he was the one. He was six years old when I bought him, and I was looking forward to a promising future together. He was everything to […]


My wife was talking to one of her co-workers one day about our four male turtles. The co-worker mentioned that she knew a family that owned a large red-eared slider and were planning on moving but were not taking the turtle with them. The family was going to leave the […]

Crash and Flash

Crash and Flash are wild eastern box turtles taken in by the Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Wildlife Treatment Crew (WTC) after sustaining serious injuries. The WTC is a volunteer group of undergrad and DVM students overseen by senior DVM students and hospital clinicians. Participation in the Crew allows students to gain […]

Small Animal Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Jet Schwalbe

While his family was abroad, Jet suddenly lost feeling in and use of his rear legs due to an intervertebral disc herniation. As this condition is common in dachshunds, UGA clinicians jumped into action and performed a surgery to address the issue. Unfortunately, the chance of complete recovery when compounded […]

Shtarilulye Mathews

My beautiful three-year old Gypsy Vanner mare, Shtar, was horribly injured when she ran through a fence two days before we were to leave for a show. When she was admitted to the UGA VTH my first concern was whether she would survive the damage to her leg. The doctors […]

Edith Raiford-Holland

We had a very tragic accident on our small farm. A large dog scaled our 6-foot fence and attacked our goats, Edith and Estelle, who were badly hurt. Estelle had to have 30 staples in her face and was able to return home after a few days, but Edith had […]

Lady Allen

Lady is an Arabian mare who came down with a very serious case of laminitis. Lady’s owner has extensive experience with horses and knew that the prognosis wasn’t good — horses don’t often recover from laminitis. He brought Lady to the VTH and put his trust in the large animal […]

Sunshine Wilder

Sunshine hurt her left leg while chasing a ball, began to limp and lost interest in her usual activities. Our veterinarian diagnosed it as a torn ACL and referred us to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. At our initial appointment the diagnosis was confirmed and they explained the needed surgical […]

Taffy Jarvies

When Taffy retired from her extensive and noteworthy show career, she took up the role of therapy horse. For the past fifteen years, Taffy has worked with developmentally disabled adults and children along with seniors suffering from cognitive impairment. Taffy had a terrible bout of colic that prompted a visit […]

Cartman and Kenny Hung

When my two Russian tortoises got into an accident with a dog, I panicked. But then I remembered that the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital has a Zoological Medicine service that sees exotic animals. With tears streaming down my face, I drove my tortoises to the hospital. Once there, the doctors […]

MD Johnson Farms

I began farming cattle in 2011 and was pretty green to the whole process, but I managed to get by until the winter of 2015. By then, my cattle were eating plenty of hay, but the herd’s condition was progressively deteriorating. A neighbor told me about the UGA Veterinary Teaching […]

Tamboer Crutchfield

My gelding had injured his eye, and after a week of my veterinarian and I treating it, the eye wasn’t getting any better. So, my husband and I brought Tamboer to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. After being examined, we were told the thinnest of membranes was holding his eye […]

Priscilla Handley

My name is Priscilla and I am a miniature dachshund. I have had skin issues for most of my life. I have been seen by many veterinarians for the treatment of multiple ear infections, skin infections, hair loss and itchiness. I have been on many oral medications, shampoos, ear cleaners, […]

Brutus Rule

On July 8, 2016, Brutus’s right rear leg made a strange motion, as if it had stiffened up with no bend at the knee. The leg made this motion twice, but then we completed our morning walk as usual. Later that day, I received a call that Brutus had fallen […]

Amadeus Ramirez

We came to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital because Amadeus was displaying human-directed aggression. Our first consultation was very thorough and detailed. The doctor and everyone involved with him were very helpful. We were instructed to do behavior therapy exercises with him to help his aggression as part of his […]

Morton Hyder

Morton is an adventurous and mischievous boy who loves a good chin scratch, paddle boarding and long walks on his leash! Unfortunately, when he was 4, Morton developed a feline-injection site sarcoma, a type of malignant tumor believed to be linked to certain vaccines. The tumor grew and developed quickly, […]

Birdie Davis

Would you believe that our miniature dachshund, Birdie, has had two successful recoveries after spinal surgery at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital? Her first episode of total rear limb paralysis was in 2013. Birdie is too energetic for her own good and because dachshunds are so long, they are prone […]

Mac Alexander

We have had Mac since he was 1 month old. Around 18 months of age, we noticed a bump on his head. In addition to the bump, he was showing signs of a head tilt and lethargy. We knew there had to be something wrong. He was no longer the […]

Saint Lawrence Equinus

At the end of May, Saint was referred to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital due to canker in his back foot. Upon our arrival, a team of students and doctors examined and evaluated Saint. They then outlined the extensive and lengthy course of treatment for Saint, both at home and […]

Winston Luther

When you saved Winston’s life, you saved a member of our family. You saved a “brother” to my two children. You saved a piece of my heart. Winston fell sick very suddenly on December 13. Winston spent several nights at a specialty clinic in Tennessee as he underwent various testing […]

Max Parker

I rescued Max in 2011 when he was barely six weeks old. He was so thin you could see every rib and he was infested with fleas. I couldn’t not keep him. Five years down the road, Max was diagnosed with lymphoma in his liver and spleen. To make matters […]

Bye Holli Farm

We feel very fortunate that we have been able to establish a relationship with the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Our daughter is a swine veterinarian, practicing in North Carolina, and she made the referral for us to UGA. We had a pinkeye outbreak in our herd of cattle and were […]

Lucy Heim

Lucy had been dribbling urine (urinary incontinence) since she was adopted at 8 weeks of age. She was referred to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital and had a CT scan performed, but nothing was seen that could explain her incontinence. She was then seen by the Hospital’s Interventional Radiology (IR) […]

Charlie Corella

At 11 years of age, Charlie was diagnosed with cancer of his prostate. His initial treatment using oral medication and radiation therapy provided some relief from his clinical signs for several months. However, four months later, Charlie’s prostate tumor began to obstruct his ability to pass urine. He was immediately […]

Sebastian Whitworth

I met Sebastian at a meet-and-greet in 2008. My first dog had died suddenly less than a month before, and I was certain that I could never find another companion as loving and all-around cute as he had been. I remember my delight when I saw him, an adorable Shih-Poo […]

Olivia Adler

In December, Olivia stepped on a horseshoe nail. The nail punctured her deep digital flexor tendon and hit her coffin bone, resulting in a small bone infection. The UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital performed intravenous regional limb perfusions, utilized therapeutic shoeing techniques, and provided exceptional patient care that allowed the mare’s […]

Moses Hester

I am so grateful to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital for the excellent care Moses has received and the wonderful staff members who have participated in his care. A couple of years ago, the Internal Medicine Service removed a nasopharyngeal polyp. I was so pleased with the excellent results and […]

Lucy Lundie

Lucy was near death when we rescued her, but she had such an amazing spirit and will to live. She joined our four other rescues and loved the company of her “pig” brothers and sisters. She relished the love and attention she was getting for the first time in her […]

Winnie Linn

Winnie is a very sweet and loving bulldog with a heart of gold. Unfortunately, she was born with a chronic heart condition (pulmonary stenosis). We learned she had a heart murmur from our family veterinarian, the first week after bringing her into our home. From there, we were referred to […]

Smokey Bristol

Smokey was referred to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital by our primary care veterinarian for further testing after experiencing a two-week duration of intermittent increased salivation and bilateral nasal discharge, as well as a poor appetite. He was otherwise normal. An upper airway endoscopy and a gastroscopy were performed. During […]

Daisy Miller/Powell

We were referred to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital for our 5-year-old dog Daisy. She arrived in intense pain, and we were met at the car by a team of wonderful students who took over and were so kind to us and our dog. We met with the neurologist after […]

Sheldon Worley

On Valentine’s Day, a small, scared, underweight dog found his way to me. After holding him for the first time, I knew I could never let him go. I took him to the veterinarian for an examination and vaccinations and was told that he had a heart murmur, but that […]

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