Mac Alexander

By Owned by David Alexander, Cumming, Ga.

We have had Mac since he was 1 month old. Around 18 months of age, we noticed a bump on his head. In addition to the bump, he was showing signs of a head tilt and lethargy. We knew there had to be something wrong. He was no longer the same energetic and curious little guy he had been in the past.

Mac is an exotic animal and not every veterinarian knows how to diagnose and treat chameleons. So, we took Mac to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. After being evaluated by the UGA team, it was determined that an infection had built up inside his head near his eyes and nose. The infection was opened, drained and flushed, and Mac was started on antibiotics.

Later that day, when we got home with Mac, you could tell he felt better. He was walking all over our den and climbing everywhere he could go. He no longer had the head tilt and obviously felt so much better. We knew he was back to his old self, and we were so proud to see that.

It is a long fight to get rid of an infection in reptiles, but Mac has made so much progress and continues to feel good day after day. We have the UGA VTH to thank for nursing him back to a healthy and fun chameleon!

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