Supporting the advancement of veterinary and biomedical research

We have many resources at the College of Veterinary Medicine to support researchers as they work to create a brighter future for animal and human health.

Animal Resources

Providing optimal laboratory animal care and use as well as high-quality support services through professional management, education, and training.

Funding Resources

Through internal resources, such as the Veterinary Medical Experiment Station program, as well as through partnerships with a diverse group of federal (NIH, USDA, NSF) and private agencies, we help researchers find the financial support they need to make their research interests a reality.


Research and training programs at our college are supported by excellent laboratory facilities. Most are designated for internal use only. However, we do offer a few research spaces that outside investigators can utilize. This includes the College’s state-of-the-art Animal Health Research Center as well as its Cytometry Core Facility.

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