From Neural Stem Cell to Myelin...

 Vision: Create a world where every myelin disease has a therapy.

Mission: Discover and pioneer innovative stem cell therapies that will transform the course or cure myelin disorders.

Strategy: Discover the molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating neural stem cells in myelin diseases.

The myelin sheath is a specialized membrane synthesized by oligodendrocytes, which wraps around the axons of neurons in the vertebrate brain. Myelin is lost in normal aging as well as in several neurological diseases which include Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Schizophrenia. In demyelinating diseases, disruption of myelin results in severe neurological deficits due to conduction block leading to the loss of axons and ultimately neurodegeneration. The goal in treating neurological diseases with myelin loss is to ensheathe the demyelinated axons before the neurons degenerate.

Our lab focuses on how neural stem cells regenerate myelin (remyelinate) following demyelination. Our objective is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying  proliferation, migration and differentiation of neural stem cells into myelinating oligodendrocytes to help develop  therapeutic strategies for remyelination.

Live imaging of primary adult neural stem cells showing migration and cell division of Gli1 neural stem cell (red) along with neural stem cells infected with GFP-lentivirus (green)


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Team Myelin


Drew Cribbs, PhD student (8/2024 – ), CBMS program, UGA



Zane Moore, DVM student, GVSP 2024


Annamaria Scalia, Lab Technician


Jordyn Cohen, Undergraduate student


Jeffrey Duodu, Undergraduate student


Diya Lakwani, Undergraduate student

Nadia Janousek, Undergraduate Student








Graduate Students


Elizabeth Clawson, PhD Student (2/2020 – 5/2024), UW-Madison

Sai Krishna Bhamidipati, MS student (9/2019 – 5/2021), UW-Madison
Currently: PhD student at UCSD


Post-doctoral Fellows

Daniel Radecki, Postdoctoral Fellow (3/2018 – 6/2023)
Currently: Program Officer, Additional Ventures


Jayshree Samanta, MBBS, PhD

Associate Professor

Email: jayshree.samanta (at)

Office: 3007A College of Veterinary Medicine, 501 D. W. Brooks Drive, Athens, GA 30602

Lab: 3007 College of Veterinary Medicine, 501 D. W. Brooks Drive, Athens, GA 30602

Department of Biomedical SciencesDepartment of Physiology and Pharmacology

Center for Neurological Disease Research

Regenerative Bioscience Center

Institute of Gerontology




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