Master’s and PhD Programs

Taking it to the next level

Whether you are wanting to further specialize in a specific field of veterinary medicine or are passionate about biomedical research, we have the graduate degree options that you are looking for.

Our programs

DVM-MPH Program

Your career in public health starts here

DVM-PhD program

Combining veterinary clinical training and graduate-level research

Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Choose your area of emphasis through this college-wide, flexible MS/PhD program

Master of Avian Medicine

For veterinarians seeking a career in clinical avian medicine

Master of Avian Health and Medicine

An online degree program for veterinarians wishing to specialize in the international poultry industry

Master of Food Animal Medicine

Preparing veterinarians to be leaders in the beef and dairy industry

PhD in Integrative Physiology and Pharmacology

For students interested in pursuing a physiology or pharmacology-related career

PhD in Infectious Diseases

A competitive graduate program with an emphasis on existing and emerging interdisciplinary research areas