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The DVM-MPH is a five-year, concurrent Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and Master of Public Health dual degree program that will prepare you to be a leader in the public health arena.

Public health veterinarians work with local, regional, national and international health organizations in both public and private institutions. They are uniquely qualified to address important public health issues in areas such as epidemiology, environmental health, global health, infectious disease investigation and control, homeland security, food safety, and policy. The education and training you will receive through this program will also allow you to respond to the myriad of new and emerging zoonotic diseases, and to prevent and control future disease threats.

About the program


You must be an enrolled UGA DVM student to participate in this program. While you don’t actually apply to the program until you have successfully completed your sophomore year, there are required courses that you will begin taking during your DVM freshman year.


DVM tuition will be required while enrolled in DVM courses. MPH tuition will be required when MPH classes are taken. Dual degree stipends and MPH assistantships are competitive and are awarded based on application and interview.

How to apply

The DVM is administered by the College of Veterinary Medicine and the MPH by the College of Public Health.

Program outline

Students are required to enroll in the following courses: POPH 5180 (Public Health), POPH 5230 (Special Topics in Population Health-journal club), IDIS 5300 Veterinary Emergency Preparedness and Response) and IDIS/VBDI 5230S (Special Topics in Public Health, Community Engagement and Service Learning in Veterinary Medicine). Students must complete 6 weeks of a veterinary-public health related externship experience. See the table below for semesters in which these courses apply.

Year 1

Fall: (DVM)

  • Veterinary curriculum

Spring: (DVM)

  • Enroll in POPH 5180 and IDIS/VBDI 5230S electives
  • Enroll in area of emphasis electives

Summer: (DVM)

  • Encouraged to participate in Public Health related research or
  • Complete 6 weeks of experiential learning in Veterinary Public Health related externship
Year 2

Fall: (DVM)

  • POPH 5230 and IDIS 5300

Spring: (DVM)

  • POPH 5180 and IDIS/VBDI 5230S (if not previously taken)
  • Enroll in area of emphasis electives

Summer: (DVM)

  • Submit the DVM-MPH Declaration of Intent form and required materials listed on the form no later than June 15
  • Complete 6 weeks of experiential learning in Veterinary Public Health related externship if not completed the previous summer
Year 3

Fall: (DVM)

  • Enroll in area of emphasis electives

Spring: (DVM)

  • 7 weeks of DVM courses
  • Begin clinical rotations

Summer: (DVM)

  • Clinical rotations
Year 4

Fall: (DVM)

  • Clinical Rotations
  • Veterinary Board Exams
  • Complete Graduate School & SOPHAS applications for admission to MPH program

Spring: (MPH)

  • Start MPH courses
  • participate in DVM commencement exercises if desired

Summer: (MPH)

  • MPH internship (PBHL 7560)
Year 5

Fall: (MPH)

  • MPH courses
  • MPH CAPSTONE Project
  • Graduate School commencement

Spring: (DVM)

  • Clinical rotations continues
  • DVM degree awarded
Area of emphasis

Students will fulfill the elective requirements of their chosen area of emphasis.

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