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The RNA-binding protein Msi2 regulates autophagy during myogenic differentiation. Wang R, Kato F, Watson RY, Beedle AM, Call JA, Tsunoda Y, Noda Takeshi, Tsuchiya T, Kashima M, Hattori A, Ito T. Life Science Alliance. InPress. Open-Access.

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Investigating Post-mild Traumatic Brain Injury Neuromuscular Function and Musculoskeletal Injury Risk: A Protocol for a Prospective, Observational, Case-controlled Study in Service Members and Active Individuals. Lynall RC, Wasser JG, Brooks DI, Call JA, Hendershot BD, Kardouni JR, Schmidt JD, & Mauntel TC. BMJ Open 13(3):3069404. Open-Access

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Consideration for Small Animal Physical Rehabilitation. Greising SM, Basten AM, Schifino AG, Call JA. Regenerative Rehabilitation: From Basic Science to the Clinic; Chapter 2Springer-Nature Edition 1: pages 39-59. Link

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Commentaries on Viewpoint: The bread baker and the sandwich shop: “partnering small businesses” for success. Call JA & Greising SM. Journal of Applied Physiology 131:744

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Commentaries on Viewpoint: Principles, insights, and potential pitfalls of the noninvasive determination of muscle oxidative capacity by near-infrared spectroscopy. McCully KK & Call JA. 2018. Journal of Applied Physiology 124:249-255. Full text PDF

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Enhanced skeletal muscle expression of extracellular superoxide dismutase mitigates streptozotocin-induced diabetic cardiomyopathy by reducing oxidative stress and aberrant cell signaling. Call JA, Chain KH, Martin KS, Lira VA, Okutsu M, Zhang M, Yan Z. 2015. Circulation Heart Failure 8(1):188-197. Full text PDF

2014 – Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction Lab opens at UGA!

Extracellular superoxide dismutase amerliorates skeletal muscle abnormalitites, cachexia, and exercise intolerance in mice with congestive heart failure. Okutsu M, Call JA, Lira VA, Zhang M, Donet JA, French BA, Martin KS, Peirce-Cottler SM, Rembold CM, Annex BH, Yan Z. 2014. Circulation Heart Failure 7(3):519-530. Full text PDF

The following are previous works from training periods at Virginia Tech, University of Minnesota, and University of Virginia


Adaptations of mouse skeletal muscle to low intensity vibration training. McKeehen JN, Novotny SA, Baltgalvis KA, Call JA, Nuckley DJ, Lowe DA. 2013 Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 45(6):1051-1059. Full text PDF

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