Birdie Davis

By Owned by Suzanne and Jeff Davis, Fort Mill, SC

Would you believe that our miniature dachshund, Birdie, has had two successful recoveries after spinal surgery at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital?

Her first episode of total rear limb paralysis was in 2013. Birdie is too energetic for her own good and because dachshunds are so long, they are prone to back problems.

When we lived in Warner-Robins, Ga., Birdie had a ruptured disc, which led our local veterinarian to send us to Athens for a consultation. The clinicians at the UGA VTH said that surgery would help her to recover the use of her hind legs. They were right.

Everything about Birdie’s operation and recovery went well. Birdie returned to us and eventually regained her previous energy and began running and leaping in the yard and in the house.

We later moved to a new home in Fort Mill, SC. Unfortunately, Birdie had another ruptured disc episode. She was obviously in pain and unable to move her legs again. Our veterinarian sent us to a local neurology clinic, but we had such a good experience at UGA that I drove straight to Athens.

The facility was amazing and the staff and veterinary residents and specialists were just as great as before.

It was decided that Birdie needed a left L1-L2 hemilaminectomy. Birdie recovered nicely, although she still has a limp. She no longer jumps on furniture, thank goodness, and we are stricter about only letting her climb the two small stairs to our backyard. Birdie is a love and is a great companion for our family!

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