Taffy Jarvies

By Owned by Melissa Jarvis, Colbert, Ga.

When Taffy retired from her extensive and noteworthy show career, she took up the role of therapy horse. For the past fifteen years, Taffy has worked with developmentally disabled adults and children along with seniors suffering from cognitive impairment.

Taffy had a terrible bout of colic that prompted a visit from UGA field services on a terrible stormy night in March 2017. The doctor and her students gave the best care in the pouring rain, thunder and lightning — all by flashlight under a tiny outdoor shelter. That night, the field service team showed tremendous care and dedication to our sweet Taffy despite horrible weather conditions.

In October, Taffy came into the hospital with another bout of colic — and thanks to the dedication of the team at UGA VTH — pulled through once again. The care from the large animal team — doctors, technicians, and students — was incredible. Taffy was spoiled rotten during her stay at the VTH and even done up in proper braids and bows for her journey home! We are so thankful that Taffy is home, healed and back to her usual sassy self! At 30 years old, she is a sweet little mare who brings joy to everyone!

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