Sunshine Wilder

By Owned by Hoke and Mickey Wilder, Athens, Ga.

Sunshine hurt her left leg while chasing a ball, began to limp and lost interest in her usual activities. Our veterinarian diagnosed it as a torn ACL and referred us to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. At our initial appointment the diagnosis was confirmed and they explained the needed surgical procedure. Without it her activity would likely decrease, and she could possibly become disabled. They were confident the surgery would be successful.

After the surgery came rehab. We elected to use the rehab program at the hospital and it was by far the right decision. They were professional and personable and got Sunshine back to her old self. Unfortunately — as we were told by her doctors — when a dog tears one ACL there is greater than a 50% chance of tearing the other one. In March, it happened to her right leg and UGA once again did a fabulous job with her surgery and rehab. Sunshine is now 100% again and is active as ever.

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