Lady Allen

By Owned by David Allen, Colbert, Ga.

Lady is an Arabian mare who came down with a very serious case of laminitis. Lady’s owner has extensive experience with horses and knew that the prognosis wasn’t good — horses don’t often recover from laminitis. He brought Lady to the VTH and put his trust in the large animal team who worked diligently to help Lady through this often-crippling disease.

Lady’s severe case of laminitis affected all four of her feet and progressed beyond the point at which most horses would be considered able to recover. However, with supportive care, diligent farrier management, and a multimodal approach to controlling Lady’s pain, her feet stabilized over time, and she was discharged from the hospital nearly four months after her admission. Today, Lady’s feet are stable and healthy and she has her typical Arabian personality back — it’s like she was never sick at all!

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