Edith Raiford-Holland

By Owned by Madeleine & John Raiford-Holland, Vidalia, Ga.

We had a very tragic accident on our small farm. A large dog scaled our 6-foot fence and attacked our goats, Edith and Estelle, who were badly hurt. Estelle had to have 30 staples in her face and was able to return home after a few days, but Edith had to go to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital. After two surgeries at UGA that essentially resulted in her lower jaw needing to be amputated and two months of recovery, our sweet Queen Edith was able to return home and lives a perfectly happy, healthy goat life.

During her two months at the hospital, Edith had the best care from all of her clinicians. We were so impressed with their knowledge and compassion. I don’t think any of us expected Edith to learn how to eat and drink without any special assistance from us, but she most definitely did! Our journey with Edith is best described as a roller coaster, but we can say with absolute certainty that the hospital staff’s persistence, ingenuity, and compassion is why we were able to take home our Queen Edith!

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