Daisy Miller/Powell

By Owned by Barbara Miller and Judy Powell

We were referred to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital for our 5-year-old dog Daisy. She arrived in intense pain, and we were met at the car by a team of wonderful students who took over and were so kind to us and our dog. We met with the neurologist after testing and she explained to us that Daisy had two herniated discs and would require immediate surgery.  Daisy’s prognosis was 50-50 as she had virtually zero spinal cord response to her lower body.

After many ups and downs and a second month of physical therapy, we were able to bring Daisy home to resume our wonderful life with her.

We would never have been able to go through this without the knowledge, skills, optimism and incredible heart of the doctors, students and staff.

We truly thank all of Daisy’s doctors and future doctors for being so diligent, kind and optimistic to return her to us almost perfect. Of course in our eyes she is 100 percent.

We’re UGA Vet Med, and our

passion powers our commitment.