Priscilla Handley

By Owned by Dorothy Handley, Athens, Ga.

My name is Priscilla and I am a miniature dachshund. I have had skin issues for most of my life. I have been seen by many veterinarians for the treatment of multiple ear infections, skin infections, hair loss and itchiness. I have been on many oral medications, shampoos, ear cleaners, and even had a strict food trial done, but nothing seemed to help me for long periods of time.

Then, I was seen by the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s Dermatology service. They diagnosed me with atopic dermatitis due to environmental allergies. They found out that I am allergic to sweet vernal grass, the herb yellow dock, dog fennel, box elder trees, wool, storage mites and human dander. Yes, that is right, I am allergic to humans, including my owner!

Since my allergy test, I have been doing great. I get so happy to see my friends at the UGA VTH, where I go once a week to get my allergy treatment. I have never been happier, and my skin and coat have never looked better! The UGA VTH is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon and be treated for what ails you at the same time!

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