Moses Hester

By Owned by Cynthia Hester, Dublin, Ga.

I am so grateful to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital for the excellent care Moses has received and the wonderful staff members who have participated in his care.

A couple of years ago, the Internal Medicine Service removed a nasopharyngeal polyp. I was so pleased with the excellent results and loving care provided for him.

Then, more recently, due to excessive and persistent vomiting despite multiple medications, I decided to have UGA perform a fundoplication on Moses’s lower esophageal sphincter, a very uncommon surgery for cats.

I am so grateful to the entire soft tissue surgery team. Moses is like a new cat. In the 12 days since his surgery, he has not vomited once and is able to eat all of his favorite foods.

His activity level is 100 percent, and I finally have my “old Moses” back. All of the staff have been excellent, and I would not hesitate to strongly recommend this facility.

With much love and gratitude,
Cynthia Hester and Moses

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