Mollie Baugus – Success Story

Less than a year ago, Mollie Bauguss was just a happy, thriving pit bull, living her best life with the Bauguss family. That is, before her and her family received the devastating news. Mollie had cancer.

Mollie’s first symptoms were a few unassuming lumps on her neck, which owner Haley originally thought were benign lipomas. Haley remembers Mollie seeming more tired than usual, which she attributed to simple aging. Out of the abundance of caution, Haley took Mollie to their primary vet in February 2022 to get her looked at.

“That was when I first heard that it was very likely the “c” word that I didn’t want to hear,” Haley shared, “My vet gave me some reading about lymphoma and I read that without treatment, she may have 6-8 weeks left.”

Overwhelmed by Mollie’s prognosis, Haley began calling veterinary hospitals in the surrounding area that performed the aggressive chemotherapy protocol that Mollie needed in order to survive. However, many hospitals could not accommodate the urgency of the situation, with next-available appointments being as far out as 6 weeks. Unfortunately, Mollie might not have had that long.

Luckily, the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital was able to get Mollie in within a week of her diagnosis. “I knew in that moment that we were going to be in the best hands,” Haley said.

That day, Mollie started what would become her new normal for the next 15 weeks; weekly chemo treatments at the VTH. “Everyone was also so happy to see Mollie and I truly felt like they treated her and loved her like one of their own pets. I knew dropping her off that she was cared for and very loved,” says Haley.

8 months later, Mollie has completed her 15-week protocol of aggressive chemo and remains on a maintenance chemo at home. She is an energetic, happy, and thriving girl again.

“I am forever grateful to the entire staff at the UGA Vet Hospital for taking such phenomenal care of Mollie. Thanks to UGA I get to enjoy my girl (cancer free!) for hopefully many years to come!”

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