Saint Lawrence Equinus

By Owned by Dr. Lawrence Durisch

At the end of May, Saint was referred to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital due to canker in his back foot. Upon our arrival, a team of students and doctors examined and evaluated Saint. They then outlined the extensive and lengthy course of treatment for Saint, both at home and at the Hospital.

We were also introduced to the Hospital’s in-house podiatrist, who is a veterinarian and a farrier, the perfect combination for Saint. He treated the foot and designed a special shoe with a screw-on treatment plate. He sent us home with strict guidelines for Saint’s care until our next appointment. From the end of May to mid-September, Saint had limited paddock turn out, daily medication to his foot and weekly appointments at the UGA VTH. At our last appointment, they said Saint was cured.

Throughout Saint’s long road to recovery, we knew we were getting the very best care possible. The UGA VTH has top-of-the-line surgical and diagnostic equipment—more advanced than equipment I have seen in some of the human hospitals I have been in during my extensive medical career. The entire team of doctors, students and staff were so impressive with their care, expertise and proficiency. Saint is now happily grazing in the big pasture with his fellow stablemates and enjoying relaxing trail rides. Thank you to everyone at the UGA VTH for giving Saint the specialized care he needed to fully recover!

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