Amadeus Ramirez

By Owned by Megan Ramirez, Lawrenceville, Ga.

We came to the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital because Amadeus was displaying human-directed aggression. Our first consultation was very thorough and detailed. The doctor and everyone involved with him were very helpful.

We were instructed to do behavior therapy exercises with him to help his aggression as part of his treatment plan. We worked very, very hard and have made so much improvement. Amadeus progressed from lunging, barking and growling at anyone he saw that he didn’t know (no matter the distance) to being able to walk within inches of a new person without wearing a muzzle.

We can now go for walks in parks and pet stores, muzzle free. We can go for veterinary visits with no problems. He meets new people on a regular basis and is living a fear-free life, all because of the amazing Behavioral Medicine service at the UGA VTH!

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