MD Johnson Farms

By Owned by Mike Johnson, Nicholson, Ga.

I began farming cattle in 2011 and was pretty green to the whole process, but I managed to get by until the winter of 2015. By then, my cattle were eating plenty of hay, but the herd’s condition was progressively deteriorating. A neighbor told me about the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital, so when I found one of my cows in distress while trying to give birth, I called them. A veterinarian and two assistants were on my farm a short time later. Unfortunately the cow couldn’t be saved, but her calf was fine. I named her Marina (pictured here) and began bottle-feeding her. She thrived.

Several weeks later, I noticed that her left front knee was swollen and sore. Once again, I called the UGA VTH. Marina was admitted as an in-patient, and the staff was very nice and helpful. Marina remained there for a couple of weeks before being sent home. She is now in fine shape and kicking up her heels back on the farm.

Starting a relationship with the UGA VTH has been a good addition to my operation. Their Production Medicine service, at my request, came out to evaluate my cattle herd. I received some excellent advice. My herd is in great shape now, and I feel more confident about my farm management skills. I am grateful this resource is always available.

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