By Abby Meadows

Zeige was our first pregnant goat and our first experience with foot rot. So she wouldn’t risk losing her kids, we wanted to get her healed up quickly. After an unsuccessful treatment at a local vet, her foot had gotten so bad (and on a weekend, of course!) that we took her to a local vet ER where they recommended taking her to UGA. They told us most people would just put her down at this point and that the infection might be in her bone.

That Monday we drove the 1.5 hours from Woodstock to UGA with our sweet little mama-to-be goat. When we arrived we were greeted by a team of doctors and students that helped to lift the heavy weight off our hearts. The facility was stunning, and the gentle care and attention from the staff was amazing! We had to leave her for a few nights, but we got calls and updates every day. I know some people might say she’s just a goat, but she’s our pet and we love her—and the staff at UGA treated her so well!

The treatment prescribed at UGA cleared the infection up so fast! I’ve heard that even just a small amount of stress can cause a goat to miscarry, so I was just happy to have Zeige healthy and well. On May 24, she delivered 2 beautiful and amazing kids! I know that taking her to UGA saved her life as well as her two kids, Hiram and Lila. I’m so grateful to the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. I see the importance of the College and the caliber of doctors they are training. Thank you for saving my sweet little goats!

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