Department of Population Health, PDRC Diagnostic Services and Teaching Laboratory, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center

Test Code: MRMG

Species: Chicken, Turkey

Preferred Specimen

Fresh tracheas

Acceptable Specimen

Tracheal or choanal cleft swabs, FTA Cards

Collection Protocol

Fresh tracheas- Aseptically collect tracheas from freshly dead birds; Swabs- Using a dry swab with a plastic shaft, insert the dry tip into the trachea or choanal cleft and rotate the swab 3-4 times. Collect 5 swabs per pool. Do not leave swabs in broth media (if inoculating broth media).



In State Price


Out Of State Price

Additional 12% surcharge


qPCR/Real -Time PCR

Test Days and Turnaround

Monday - Friday. 2-3 business days.

Shipping Requirements

Fresh tissues can be shipped on wet ice (same day) or dry ice (overnight)
Broths can be shipped in wet ice. PCR Swabs must be transported in cold packs (same day) or using dry ice (overnight). For international samples on FTA cards, please include the FTA international permit.

Ship To Address

Attn: Diagnostic Lab
Poultry and Diagnostic Research Center (PDRC)
953 College Station Rd
Athens, Georgia, 30602

Contact Information

For any questions regarding prices, sample collection, testing, shipping requirements, and permits please call (706) 542-5657 or email [email protected]. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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