Viral cloning of weak PCR products for sequencing

Department of Population Health, PDRC Diagnostic Services and Teaching Laboratory, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center

Test Code: VRCL

Species: N/A

Preferred Specimen

PCR or RT-PCR product

Acceptable Specimen

Not Applicable

Collection Protocol

PCR or RT-PCR products that are too weak to sequence may be cloned to obtain sufficient amount of product for sequencingPCR or RT-PCR products that contain mixed populations of viruses may be cloned to obtain sequences



In State Price


Out Of State Price

Additional 12% surcharge


Cloning product into PCR vector and transforming E. coli
Clones will be submitted for Sanger sequencing

Test Days and Turnaround

Performed when needed; Up to 3 weeks

Shipping Requirements

Not Applicable

Ship To Address


Contact Information

For any questions regarding prices, sample collection, testing, shipping requirements, and permits please call (706) 542-5657 or email [email protected]. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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