Department of Infectious Diseases
Associate Research Scientist

Bacteriology | Infectious Diseases | Microbiology | Pathogenesis


Throughout my professional career, my main research goal has been to contribute significantly in the field of microbial sciences concentrating on the study of pathogenic bacteria. The Trent Lab is interested in uncovering the molecular mechanisms required for assembly and maintenance of membranes in Gram-negative bacteria. Working as member of Dr. Trent’s Laboratory, I have focused on elucidating the molecular mechanisms required for remodeling of the lipid A domain of lipopolysaccharides (LPS). My scientific work has contributed towards determining how LPS modifications in several pathogens impacts bacterial resistance to the innate immune system and antibiotics.

Research Interests

  • Molecular mechanism for glycerophospholipids transport across the Gram-negative cell envelope
  • Genetic basis for membrane remodeling in different Gram-negative bacteria

Selected Publications


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