Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Department Head of Physiology and Pharmacology, Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Veterinary Medicine, Interim Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs

Neurology | Physiology and Pharmacology | Toxicology


Research Interests

  • Neural control of fluid balance and appetite

Educational Background

  • DVM (1984) Washington State University
  • PhD (1986) Washington State University

Teaching Experience

Veterinary Professional Curriculum

  • Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology and Applied Neuroscience (VARB/VPHY 5190)This course explores the physiological properties of cells, and the structure and functions of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and muscle will be presented. Among the emphases of the course are understanding of membrane and receptor function for future pharmacologic studies, and clinical application for localization of lesions.
  • Cardiovascular Physiology (VPHY 5120)This course explores the physiology of the heart and vessels comprising the cardiovascular system. Emphasis is placed on understanding of basic physiology and electrocardiology to better understand cardiovascular pathology.
  • Endocrinology and Reproduction (VPHY 5150)The aim of this course is to develop a basic understanding of the control of hormone secretion from various endocrine tissues, the effects of hormones on end organs, and the physiopathology that occurs with endocrine deficiency and excess. Additionally, students will develop a basic understanding of reproductive physiology of domestic animals and the physiological basis for reproductive pathologies.
  • Introduction to Veterinary Botanical Medicine (VPHY 5215)This course is an overview of Botanical Medicine offered from a veterinary perspective. Faculty in the course include basic scientists, a practicing veterinary herbalist, and an expert in ethnobotany.

Graduate Curriculum

  • Neurophysiology (VPHY 8400)The focus of the course is on physiology and function of the nervous system. Aspects of physiology of the nervous system will be discussed and students expected to know both general and specific properties of neural function. This will include functions from the molecular to the systems levels
  • Neuroscience Journal Club (BHSI 8900)This course focuses on review of current literature in neuroscience. Articles are presented weekly by students in the course.

Selected Publications

​Publications by Dr. Edwards may be found at PubMed.

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