Department of Infectious Diseases
Senior Research Scientist

Cell Culture | Immunology | Infectious Diseases | Microbiology


Jamie Barber received an undergraduate degree from a small liberal arts honors college in Maryland and began his professional career at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine’s Oncology Center in the Bone Marrow Transplant Research Unit. After completing a masters degree in Environmental Science with a focus on Toxicology, he moved within to the Oncology Center to manage the Experimental Hematopoesis Research Flow Core. Jamie came to UGA’s Department of Infectious Diseases in 2007 to work with Dr. Ralph Tripp in the Animal Health Research Center where Jamie managed the AHRC’s cytometry core. In 2012, Jamie began managing the interdisciplinary CVM Cytometry Core Facility.

Research Interests

  • Advancement of education with an interdisciplinary approach to curricula for effective instruction of cytometric methods and systems
  • Support of basic and translational research
  • Clinical diagnostic development through the CVM Cytometry Core Facility

Selected Publications


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